Orietta Bitetti

Orietta Bitetti was born in Zurich in 1973 and lives in Erlenbach & Zurich.

She is a trained movement and theater pedagogue. She trained as a kindergarten teacher at the Zurich University of Teacher Education and completed the CAS as a school social worker at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

As a teacher she worked at the public school. Before that, she held various management positions (youth work, lunch tables, adventure playground). On request, she conducts workshops & projects in the musical-pedagogical area as well as lectures on the topic of "Child and Movement".

In August 2021, Orietta took over the 60% position as kindergarten teacher with pedagogical leadership Auf dem Stern.

In addition, she fills a 20% position as a school social worker in the canton of SZ.

Orietta has co-raised two now grown boys.