Educational priciples

Principles governing our educational activities

Respectful relationships
Teachers convey subject matter and determine the educational style as well as providing guidance.
We foster loving and harmonious relationships with and among the children, welcoming their different personalities and respecting their particularities. Each child is treated equally - no one child is given preference over another or put at a disadvantage. We serve as role models for respectful relationships and expect the children to treat us and the other children with the same respect. Our experience allows us to support and assist the children. In the event of grave problems, we will consult external experts. In such situations, it is tremendously important to us to be able to work closely together with the parents. Problems and difficulties will be addressed openly and neutrally. If necessary, problems will also be discussed within the group, but with due attention to not burdening the other children or neglecting them.

Providing guidance
Adherence to the rules convened upon ensures a safe, child-appropriate, well-organized and pleasant kindergarten climate. The group of children determines the pace, so that every child may participate actively in classes. We encourage every individual child to develop his or her specific skills further and help the children to assume their roles within the group. A feeling of security is ensured thanks to a daily routine.
Teachers reflect their daily work and fix new daily, weekly, and monthly goals for the group and the individual children in line with this. At the end of every thematic block, we reflect upon it intensively. The corresponding insights are then put to use for future themes.

Equipment and infrastructure
The kindergarten's infrastructure is age-appropriate. The children have the choice of a large number of different games and learning materials. We regularly check our infrastructure and equipment and renew and replace it continuously. We prefer simple, nature-near materials. Playing with everyday objects such as buttons or stones encourages the children's power of imagination and the ability to take pleasure in simple things. Materials provided are always in impeccable state. It is important to use that the children learn to appreciate the value of the materials. The kindergarten facilities are pleasant and appealing. Decoration is changed according to the different seasons of the year. The kindergarten also offers calm zones and withdrawal areas.

Healthy nutrition is of central importance to us. The meals we enjoy together at our kindergarten are important rituals. Dishes served are tasty and should be enjoyed in peace and calm. Meals served at our kindergarten are varied, of high nutritional value, and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. Three times a week, Menu and More in Zurich delivers freshly prepared meals to us. This company works together with nutritional experts, so that the dishes are coordinated to meet children's specific requirements. We choose the meals carefully in order to ensure variety. Twice a week, we prepare and cook a meal together with the children.

Cooperation with the parents
An open, uncomplicated and pleasant cooperation with the parents is important to us. Ensuring a continuous flow of information ensures that parents obtain insight into everyday life at the kindergarten.
Daily contact: "At the door" discussions take place spontaneously when the parents bring their children to us and pick them up again. Parents may fetch their children from the group or visit them during class, thus obtaining an impression of everyday life at the kindergarten. We publish a monthly newsletter in order to keep parents informed of current topics and activities in the kindergarten.
Parent's participation: Parents may spontaneously and voluntarily agree to undertake kindergarten activities together with us.
Events with parents: During the first weeks of the school year, a parent's meeting will take place during which the parents will be informed of developments and events at the kindergarten as well as receiving the opportunity to ask questions and discuss possible difficulties. Moreover, over drinks following the parent's meeting, the parents will have the opportunity to make each other's acquaintance. Shortly before Christmas, together with the children, we will organize a small Christmas event to which the parents will be invited.
Offers for parents: At least once a year, we will meet with the parents individually to discuss the development of their child. Parents may contact us at any time to convene extraordinary meetings. Moreover, shortly after a child has joined our kindergarten, we will meet with his or her parents to discuss all issues of interest.