Co-operation with the parents

When the parents bring their children to us and pick them up, this gives us the opportunity to exchange information with them.
Co-operation with the parents on a professional and friendly basis is something we attach great importance to.

Parents' evenings
Once a year, we carry out a parent's evening so that parents may meet one another and be informed of important developments on the kindergarten and discuss current topics.

Parents' meetings
At least once a year, we will meet with the parents to discuss their child's development. Naturally, we are willing to meet the parents throughout the year for such discussions. If it makes sense, then the child may attend the meeting.
Naturally, all information will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Regularly a newsletter will be published to inform the parents on current themes and events at the Auf dem Stern day-care kindergarten.

Information board
Parents can refer to the information board in the cloakroom to learn more about current topics, holiday stand-ins, menu plans, and gym class.

Advent party
During Christmas season, together with the children, we will organize an Advent Party for the parents. This will give them the opportunity to meet other parents.